Don't worry if you're not sure how much waste you have, we only charge for what we take so you don't have to specify a skip size.  

The below prices include 2 professional labourers to load all your waste into a van for you, so that you don't have to

1 CUBIC YARD  £50.00

Equivalent amount to a 1 tonne bag.

This is our minimum charge to call out to dispose of a single item or up to 1 cubic yards of waste.

2 CUBIC YARDS  £90.00

Equivalent to a mini skip.

This amount of waste is what would fit into a mini skip.  This would most likely cover a few bulky items of furniture or a small bathroom refurbishment.  We can also take up to 1.5 tonnes of soil, bricks or rubble within this price band.

4 CUBIC YARDS  £130.00

Equivalent of a midi skip

This amount of waste would fill a midi skip.  This might be ideal for the waste from a small kitchen replacement or a set of bedroom furniture.

6 CUBIC YARDS  £195.00

In between a midi and a builders skip.

Perfect cost savings for when you have a too much waste for a midi skip but perhaps not enough to fill a maxi or builders skip.

8 CUBIC YARDS  £225.00

Equivalent of a builders skip

This amount of waste is what would fill a builders skip. 
Not sure how much waste you have?  Don't worry, you don't need to specify with a Monkey Junk clearance, we only charge for the amount of waste we take away.

10 CUBIC YARDS  £250.00

Equivalent to a builders skip + a mini skip.

For when a builders skip is just not enough we can keep on going.  Save having waste left over and waiting for the collection/deliver of another skip and save money too.

12 CUBIC YARDS.  £270.00

Equivalent to a builders skip plus a midi skip

When this client first approached us, they were very apprehensive and unsure about exactly how we could help. We came in and provided the service and resources they needed to finish the job right.

14 CUBIC YARDS £295.00

Equivalent to almost 2 builders skips

Perfect if you think you'd as good as fill 2 builders skips but at a much lower cost.  And the work is done for you!

16 CUBIC YARDS  £320.00

Equivalent of 2 builders skips

Perfect for when you have 2 builders skips worth of waste to dispose of.  This price is merely 3 quarters of the cost of 2 builders skips.  This amount could clear half of an averagely furnished 3 bed house.


T.v's/PC monitors £15.00 each
Fridges/freezers    £50.00 each
Car tyres                £5.00  each
Gas bottles            £5.00 each

Other hazardous wastes such as asbestos, oils and chemicals can be quoted for as and when required.

Please note that additional labour charges may be incurred if the waste is a long walk from the vehicle or down a flight of stairs.  Any additional costs would be agreed with the customer prior to commencement of any works.