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Cellar cleared in Northampton

Today our skip hire alternative services in Northampton were requested at the shop of a well know estate agents on Bridge Street in the town centre. For quite a few years the cellar of the property had been used as a bit of a dumping ground for old office furniture, equipment and files and was beginning to look a bit of an eyesore. There was no suitable location to place a skip in Northampton town centre anywhere near the shop as there was ongoing roadworks on Bridge Street and even parking there was totally suspended. The beauty of using our rubbish clearance service in Northampton was that we were able to clear the cellar, placing all items into bags and boxes and place them at the front of the shop so that we could then bring the

van round a load it quickly and safely without causing any obstruction in the town. Our operatives were able to work quickly and efficiently as they are experienced in providing wait and load services in Northampton and the surrounding areas. Probably one of the greatest benefits to our customer was the fact that the office staff were able to carry on working as normal while we did the Northampton rubbish clearance for them, saving them time and money. If they had of had to do all the work themselves using skip hire in Northampton, they would have had to have done all the work themselves, would have had to pay for a skip hire road permit in Northampton town centre and would have had to have waited until the end of the next month when the road works had finished. For more information on our rubbish clearance service in Northampton, please get in touch with us on 01788 432054


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