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A real winner against skip hire in Daventry

Daventry skip hire vs the rubbish clearance in Daventry

Yesterday we cleared 1.5 tonnes of top soil away for a local construction company. There was nowhere to put a skip at the property, so the customer was faced with either paying out for a road permit or paying out for a wait and load service. The customer had shopped around for a mini skip calling skip hire services in Daventry, skip hire services in Rugby and skip hire services in Northampton. The cheapest he could get a mini skip for in Daventry (on the road) was £150.00. After waiting all afternoon the Rugby based skip hire company did not show, meaning that the builder had to return the next day to sort something else out. After finding Monkey Junk in the Daventry skip hire section of, the builder gave us a call and we arrived promptly. 30 minutes later, all the soil was loaded and removed, and at £85.00 the customer was extremely happy that he’d saved £65.00 and couldn’t comment enough on the ease and incredible value in using a rubbish Monkey Junk. A clearance service in Daventry.

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